by Heden

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released April 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Heden Skien, Norway

Hoping to revive some of the cool vibe from the late 60's and early 70's, this is for me a new path in forgotten soundscapes. It's so enjoyable to explore and I will add more songs as they travel along!

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Track Name: The Future
The Future

Look out for the future
It may come real soon
Stranger than a fiction
Crazy like a toon
Werewolves in your garden
Howling at the moon

Look out for the future
‘Cause it’s near
Fight it if you dare
No one really cares
Look out for the future it is near

Will we drive electric
Will we drive at all
Luxuries abandoned
Crisis at the mall
Bloodshed in the market
It'll be a ball


The future, no one really cares
The future, poking at you fears

You are of the many
This is for the few
Reigning from their towers
Needy, rich and cruel
They will steal tomorrow
As they always do

Look out for the future
Cynical and cold
Privacy is public
Dreams are bought and sold
Nothing much to live for
Happiness on hold


Who will be survivors
Who will take fall
The odds are stacked against you
Track Name: I See In You
I See In You

Soliders and horsers on the carpet
Brazing for battle yet again
Old master rabbit in the corner
Patiently waiting to the end
Journeys on the sea
Fantasy sails are set in motion
Scattered on the floor
Roaming on the worlds greatest ocean
Loving memories
Coming to me endlessly

Ooh, I see in you
Ooh, I see in you
What I once saw in me

Rainbows and creatures on the lampshade
Colors the ceiling in the night
Someone is watching from the shadows
Daddy, don’t turn out the light
Songs of far and near
Tales of the past and ancient glory
Maybe it’s a dream
Maybe it’s just another story
It’s a mystery
Clouded in a fantasy